about me and this blog

Hi there, pleased to meet you! My name is Sylvia, and I live in Cornwall, in the United Kingdom. I have five offspring (I daren’t refer to them as ‘children’ any more; even the youngest is now married with a child of his own, and four of them are bigger than me!) and ten beautiful grandchildren.

Once upon a time, I spent every possible waking moment with a book in my hand. Then I was introduced to the Internet, and the picture over there on the left sidebar just about sums me up these days! I already run a couple of websites (links on the right sidebar, if you’re interested), and I’m working on two more; research for these leads me down side-tracks, and I find myself spending days or weeks learning about something I’d never thought of pursuing before. I find most things interesting, some amusing, some inspiring, some infuriating, and I like to share my discoveries. My family are a little tired of being my main audience, so I thought I’d take some of the pressure off them by starting this blog.

Posts here will probably be both intermittent and eclectic, but I promise I’ll try not to bore you.


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